Best Natural Bar Soaps for Face and Body


I stopped using liquid body wash and opted for bar soaps instead and my skin has been thanking me. The skin on body can be dryer than my face which is oily. That said my body needs a lot more moisture and hydration.

When using liquid soaps I found that they were too drying on my skin even some that are natural or organic. What I love about bar soaps made with natural oil and butters is that they are perfect for dry skin because they aren’t stripping and contain no sulfates or artificial ingredients.

Most commercial bar soaps still have toxic chemicals, sulfates, or artificial fragrances. When looking for a good natural/organic bar soap make sure the ingredients say saponified oil or butter like shea or cocoa. The best ones I’ve found that match my skin are made from either coconut oil or olive oil base. They clean my skin and remove dirt without stripping all the moisture from my delicate skin. There’s nothing wrong with a nice smelling bar soap. Who doesn’t want to smell good? Just make sure it’s organic fragrance, extracts, or essential oils.

Here are a few bar soaps that I personally love at the moment. If you body skin is more on the dry side like mine give me these a try:


100& Pure Lavender Organic Olive Oil Soap

I raved about this in my review here. Since the base is olive oil it’s so creamy but still lavers up easily. A little goes a long way so this bar lasts me a few months believe it or not. And that’s with regular daily use. I apply it in the shower using my shower puff and it cleans and hydrates my skin perfectly.


Calypso Glow Mango & Papaya Soap

As with most of this brands products the base of this soap is coconut oil; another oil that my skin absolutely loves. Coconut oil is so moisturizing and does a great job at cleansing. The great thing about this bar soap is that is contains mango & papaya extracts which is great for healing skin and removing any scars or dark spots. Leaving you with hydrated glowing, bright skin complexion.


Zaaina Clear Complexion Soap

This soap is so moisturizing it feels almost like you’re putting on lotion. It suds up really easily so you don’t need much to clean your entire body. Plus this is great for ladies who are trying to achieve that even skin tone all over your body. Among the list of ingredients is tomato juice which is great for removing dark spots and tea tree oil which soothes irritated skin and removes impurities.


I hope you decide to give any of these brands a try if you’re looking to switch to bar soap. If you do let me know what you think!


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