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So I was tagged by a fellow Health & Wellness Blogger FitbananaChick in a Get to Know You post inspired by

The purpose is to get to know fellow bloggers who write on the topics of health, wellness, fitness, and the like. I always love it when people give me a shout out and let me know how much they like reading my blog. We have to support each other because we are all for the same cause- Helping people get healthy!

So as a part of the fun I will answer the questions she posted on her blog and also add some random facts about me. Hope you guys enjoy! I tag anyone who wants to join in on the fun 🙂



11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I am a goof ball at heart- always cracking jokes at the silliest things

2. My favorite color is turquoise

3. Can and will talk to anyone about Jesus and Healthy Living all day

4. I can sing- was in a singing group when I was a teenager

5. I love to eat. True foodie at heart!

6. Proud Introvert

7. I love watching YouTube videos for hours at a time 🙂

8. I’m a sucker for Romantic Comedy movies- I was obsessed with Meg Ryan for most of the 90’s( even though I was a kid)

8. Not a fan of animals- sorry animal lovers but it’s true

9. My favorite fruit are blackberries and strawberries

10. The word chuckle annoys me- Don’t ask me why it just does

11. Me and my best friend have a private book club together


Answers to FitBananaChick’s Tag Questions For Me:

1. My favorite way to stay in shape is my eating healthy. Nutrition is 90%

2. The Color Purple is my favorite movie

3. I prefer cocoa powder over carob powder because I can taste the chocolate flavor more

4. Besides my own Book which will be out soon…wink wink, my favorite cookbook is Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry

5. If I could have a super power it would be to be able to appear anywhere whenever I want. It would be cool to appear in another country or tropical island instantly.

6. What motivates me to stay healthy is my desire to take care of my body. I’ve noticed such a difference in my overall health so my results definitely motivate me.

7. My favorite nut butter is cashew butter. I love cashews including cashew butter and cashew milk is becoming my new fav

8. As a child I always wanted to have my own business. Even as a kid I had a little popsicle stand in the summer and various kid friendly type companies that gave me extra spending cash.

9. My favorite season of the year is spring and fall. The weather is perfect because it’s not too hot or cold but just right. You can walk around outside and feel comfortable. Nature is also really beautiful during those times because the colors begin to change.

10. My favorite snack is seaweed chips. They come in a variety of flavors and have that great crunch like chips only healthy.

11. If I could give advice to my 18 year old self it would be to just enjoy life and treasure each moment. As a young person sometimes you can be in a rush to get older but I say just live for today.


I hope you enjoyed my answers and getting to know a little more about me 🙂


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