Kingdom Building vs. Brand Building


This fall is a season of reflection. I have readers from all over the world so many of you may not be experiencing the same fall weather that I have. I live in New York City and for the past week it has been cool and the sun is in hiding. The leaves have already changed colors and began to fall. Summer is officially over and autumn begins. With the changing of the seasons also comes a time of reflection for me.


At the beginning of the year I made a commitment to focus on my creative passions and take full responsibility towards reaching goals I felt that The Lord was pushing me to do. I have to say it was a huge leap of faith as I threw fear and caution to the wind and went for it. Even though the year is not over yet I still look back at the past almost 10 month of my life and this blog and I’m amazed at how much has been accomplished. I’m also excited for what is to come and all that God is doing.


As I reflect on this blog as most of you know this is about green beauty and healthy living. I’m all about living the non-toxic lifestyle in all areas. But as I focus on where I want to grow this blog as a Believer in Christ I have to stay true to all that he created me to be. I know I haven’t posted many inspirational blog posts but I’m prayerfully going to start again. One thing has been running through my spirit is that I want to build a ministry not a brand.


I see a low of people on social media so focused on brand building. So many personal branding posts and stories. I’m not knocking anyone but as a believer in Jesus Christ I have to refocus and actually change my focus. My purpose isn’t showing how popping my lipstick is or how nice of a braid out I can achieve. Nothing is wrong with that but if it’s lifting people up and bringing people into the kingdom of God what is it all for?


It’s not about creating millionaire mindset or getting thousands of followers online. Don’t worry I’m still bringing green beauty, organic makeup, and natural hair content. However I’m praying for new revelation and new ideas on how The Lord wants me to use this and my platform to edify His people.


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