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I first heard about the Soultanicals line from the 30 Day Hair Detox. After reading the ingredients I was really curious to see how they would work on my hair. The product line is made with all natural botanicals. I’m trying to stay as close to natural as possible with my beauty products and this entire line fits that requirement. Soultanicals stands out because of the creative play on words they used when naming their products. I was also pleasantly surprised to find them at my local beauty supply store. Right next to Trader Joe’s J


I picked up 3 products from the Soultanicals line


It was time for a wash and I used my regular shampoo to cleanse my hair. You can find a list of the products I’m currently using here. When it was time to deep condition my hair I used their Afrotastic Curl Elastic Deep Conditioning Treat. Aside from the super long title it was easy to apply. I applied the conditioner in sections as I normally do with any other product. My hair was in dire need of a clarifying which I did not do. I’m interested to try this again once I’ve fully clarified my hair to see if it yields better results.

Afrotastic Deep Condition

After swooshing the product in sections I donned a plastic cap and sat under my hooded dryer for 15 minutes. My hair felt soft afterwards and it was easy to rinse out and detangle. Since I have fine low porosity hair it didn’t penetrate my strands as well as I’d like to. I felt my hair could have absorbed the conditioner more. I’ll report back with an updated review after clarifying.


Once the conditioner was thoroughly rinsed I proceeded to apply the Knot Sauce as my leave in conditioner. Very rarely will I style my hair wet so I stretched my hair using curl formers. I found that the Soultanicals Knot Sauce was thick. I loved the ingredients nothing that I didn’t understand or couldn’t pronounce. I usually prefer my leave in to be a bit more watery in consistency so next time I may squeeze this into an applicator bottle with a little water to create the texture that I like. All in all after my curl former set was dry the product left my hair soft to the touch and had a nice sheen minus a greasy feeling.

Curlformer Set Soultanicals Results


Usually after stretching my hair I either rod set, twist, or braid out on my hair. This time I opted for a twist out. I think I found a new method for twisting my hair which is actually yielding pretty awesome results. I think I’ll try it a few more times to perfect it just to be sure. To twist my hair I used the Fluff-a-licious Curl Nutricious. As I massaged the products from route to tip per section and twisted it felt a little sticky so initially I was worried that my hair would dry with a film on it. Even after twisting my entire head my hand felt a little sticky to the touch. Thankfully after my twist fully dry and I unraveled them my hair felt super soft and moisturized. It had a nice body and shine. Plus this product has a soft hold so I was able to keep my twists in for a couple days before retwisting.

Soultanicals Twist Out

All in all I liked this line. I’ve heard some good things about their shampoos and cleansers so I would like to try those next. If I had to only repurchase one product I would say the Fluff-a-licious because it was a great soft hold product for set styles. I mostly wear my hair in twists, braid outs, or rod sets so this definitely fits my styling preference.


Click here to see how I style my hair using the Soultanical products.


Have you tried any products from the Soultanicals line?


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