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In the past I have used my share of douche’s and feminine washes. Some had burning sensations and all sorts of side effects but foolishly I kept using it because I thought that’s what my female parts needed. Since going natural in my health and beauty routine I have since stopped using all those harmful products.

Many traditional products on the market today are not really safe for female organs. A lot of the feminine care products and washes you will find on store shelves today contain alcohol, artificial fragrance, artificial dyes,  and worst of all ammonium chloride which is an organ system toxicity. Fortunately now there are natural safer alternative products such as The Honey Pot Fresh feminine wash.

I was first introduced to this company after attending the Indie Beauty Expo. I enjoyed meeting with the Founder & Owner Beatrice Dixon. We had such a shared view on living a toxin free lifestyle. Beatrice started The Honey Pot as a way to naturally prevent unruly infections that was having a harmful effect on her health.

All the ingredients in this wash are safe to use and don’t contain any toxic chemicals or hard to pronounce names. The Honey Pot contains all natural plant based ingredients that promote a healthy vaginal pH balance. This helps to remove odor and prevent infections such as UTI’s


Grapefruit Seed Extract

Coconut Oil Soap

Lavender Extract

Marshmallow Root Extract

Rose Water

Apple Cider Vinegar


Honey Pot Fresh is safe for women and girls to use. It comes in 5 washes; Normal, Sensitive, Moisture, Preggers, and Girls. I have been using the Sensitive formula. It comes in a very convenient pump dispenser which helps for ease of application and distribution of product. I use this in the shower and only need a pump full to cleanse my feminine area. It doesn’t burn or sting and I feel as though it really cleansed and removed odor. I especially like using this during my period because as you know ladies it can get messy down there. Sorry if it’s TMI 😳 . Since this wash is natural and gentle it is safe for everyday use.

You can purchase The Honey Pot feminine washes in a 6oz bottle for only $13.99 or a smaller travel 2oz. for only $5.99. I love how this company is taking steps toward better feminine health! For more information and to purchase The Honey Pot Fresh products please click here


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