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I’m always on the hunt for all natural organic body care products. Fortunately 100 Percent Pure scent me some products from their fragrance and ingredient of the month. For the month of March the fragrance is French Lavender and the ingredient is Seaweed. I was sent all the products from this line. I tried and tested them out these last few weeks and thought I would share with you all my favorites from the collection.


French Lavender Whipped Body Butter



 This one is hands down my favorite not only because it smells amazing but the consistency is thick and creamy. Because I’m a compulsive hand washer my hands tend to get on the dry side. This whipped butter goes on smooth and gives me the moisture I need without leaving me with that greasy oily feeling. I would definitely purchase this again.


French Lavender Nourishing Body Cream 


This is actually my second choice next to the whipped body butter. It has that amazing lavender scent just like the butter. Every time I put it on people always ask me what I’m wearing. The smell is intoxicating. This lotion is a lot lighter than the whipped body butter since it doesn’t contain any heavy butters mostly oils. It still leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I would say this lotion is better for the warm summer months because it is so light.


Organic Olive Oil Soap


I was looking for a good hand made soap so this came right on time. Since it’s olive oil based (organic), it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry afterward. Most conventional soaps on the market contain harsh detergents and other chemical additives. This lathered up really well and when I rinsed my skin felt hydrated, prepped to apply moisturizer. I received the lavender scented olive oil soap and the seaweed olive soap. Both worked pretty much the same except the seaweed bar gives you those extra skin loving antioxidant benefits.


Mattifying Primer with Seaweed Collagen


Since I’m an oily girl I must use a primer prior to applying makeup or else I’ll look like an oil slick. I’ve tried a few primers but still have yet to find one that works well with my skin and smooth’s out my pores. What I like about this primer is that it has seaweed collagen in it so you’re getting two products in one. The seaweed collagen plumps up my skin. This is important because as we get older we start to loose the elasticity in our skin.


Have you tried 100% body care products? If so let me know what you thought in the comments below.


If you haven’t tried these yet you can check out the entire collection here.

20% off the scent of the month


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