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Vegan in Tokyo

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Traveling while vegan may seem like a challenge but it’s not as hard as one might think. Before traveling anywhere I always search the city for vegan or vegan friendly restaurants. More people are changing their lifestyle and eating habits to suit a plant based lifestyle. 

When I traveled to Tokyo fortunately there were a variety of plant based and or vegan friendly restaurants. Many specialized in fresh, local, and organic ingredients which is a huge plus for me. Tokyo offered more than just traditional Japanese dishes. Of course I had sushi and most places we visited had veggie sushi such as avocado rolls!


Here’s a list of vegan friendly restaurants in Tokyo that I personally recommend: 

The first on my list was one of my faves. Mr. Farmers while not an exclusively vegan restaurant prides themselves on offering healthy environmentally friendly foods. All ingredients used to make their dishes are grown from local farms throughout Japan. This is a great spot if you are traveling with a variety of eaters. They have a vegan and gluten free menu plus many of the non-vegan options can be customized. I had the Mexican style salad with pumpkin soup on the side. Another bonus was the array of infused waters. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know how much I love drinking infused water.  I would definitely visit this place again. 



Hemp Cafe is a creativity spin on healthy plant based foods. Unfortunately I didn’t get to experience much of this restaurant as I found it on my last night in Tokyo but it’s still worth the mention. Like the name says, the food in Hemp Cafe is all based on the hemp seed. They serve Mexican style dishes all infused with hemp seed. Even the cheeses are hemp seed based. Hemp Cafe is 100% plant based meaning none of their offerings contain any meet products. My friend isn’t even a vegan but she was open to visiting this restaurant. 


Green Brothers is actually an American born restaurant that made it’s way to Japan. It’s menu is primarily salads all based on using fresh produce. Like the name suggests Green Brothers wants to make sure you’re getting in enough greens. They also offer cold pressed juices and smoothies for an extra healthy boost. This is a great lunch option or snack of you just want a healthy smoothie mid-day. 

We are the Farm is another vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurant based on the premise of proving fresh locally grown produce in their menu. While not 100% plant based many of their meal choices could be made vegan or vegetarian. I thought this was a great place for meat and plant eaters a like. I got a late night green juice “cocktail” served in a beautiful glass. This green juice was like a detox with fresh greens and ginger. I also has grilled fresh veggies like squash. All very delicious. 

I thought I’d end this mini vegan in Tokyo guide with a nice dessert option. Kippy’s Coco-Cream is a California created ice cream shop that makes home-made ice cream from coconut milk. They aren’t 100% vegan because they use honey to sweeten their desserts. I’m a “vegan” who eats honey so this wasn’t an issue for me. If you don’t eat honey this may not be the dessert spot for you. I was in the mood for something sweet so I was happy to have found this place. It was a cute little shop that offered coconut cream ice cream in various flavors on one side of the restaurant. The other side offered cold press juices. So ideally there was potentially something for mostly everyone. I had the cookie dough ice cream drizzled with hot vegan fudge and crushed walnuts sprinkled on top. It was so delicious. 


Have you ever been to Tokyo and know of any vegan friendly restaurants. Leave them in the comments below. I hope this guide is helpful for any plant based eaters traveling to Tokyo. 

Healing Fibroids Naturally

Feminine Hygiene, Health

Over 80% of women with African descent suffer or will suffer from fibroids during their lifetime. Those numbers are insanely high. There are approximately over 200,000 hysterectomies performed each year. I was recently diagnosed with fibroids 1 large and 1 small. I am determined not to get surgery or have to take prescription pills in order to treat my fibroids. 


I’m sharing my story of battling with fibroids in the hope that this will help some other woman. Just know that you are not alone. Even if your doctor has not officially diagnosed you, you can request a vaginal sonogram which will be able to accurately tell whether or not you have fibroids. 


Watch my story in the video below. 


Pacifica Beauty Alight Foundation

Beauty, Make-Up

Pacifica Beauty recently launched their Alight Foundation in over 30 shades. It’s nice to see brands taking cues from Fenty Beauty and offer a variety of skin tone options for a diverse range of complexions. I’m just pleased that there are more green and non-toxic makeup options for women of color, especially foundations. 

This foundation is vegan and cruelty free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes and colors, and most other toxicant ingredients. If you’re looking to make the switch the green beauty then you should definitely try this foundation. I tried shade 6 & 7WD in the Pacifica Alight Foundation which can be found here.

Watch the video below to see my full review of this product. 

How to Love Yourself More

Faith, Lifestyle

On Valentine’s Day there’s always talk about love and romantic relationships but what about the relationship with yourself. Self-love is a major part of self-care. The language we use towards ourselves is very important. Negative self-talk can be very damaging to your self-esteem. Many times we don’t even realize that we’re doing it. We’ve become so accustomed to criticizing ourselves that it’s become second nature. We truly can be our own worst critics. You wouldn’t like being criticized or ridiculed by someone else so why do that to yourself?

How many times have you looked in the mirror and instead of saying how great you look, you notice all the flaws? Sure we all have things about ourselves that we’d like to change but you have to love yourself right where you are. As a blogger I’ve created content and then looked back only pointing out all the things wrong with it and what I’d like to do differently. Not realizing that that is negative self-talk. So instead I started complimenting myself on all the things I like. For example “Good job and finishing that article” or “I’m grateful that I was able to have an amazing photo shoot”.

Having an attitude of gratitude changes your perspective from a negative to a positive. Even if there are things you’d like to change about yourself try being grateful for what you already have. Sometimes it might just being grateful for a willingness to want to improve. Congratulate yourself for desiring to make positive changes in your life.

If you want to lose weight love your body now, don’t wait until you lose the weight to start loving yourself. For years I struggled with adult acne but I had to learn to love the skin I have no matter how it looks. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make improvements but love you through each stage of the process.

One of my favorite scriptures that I frequently speak over myself is Psalm 139:14 “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. God created you in His image, which means you are lacking nothing. Love the beautiful human being that you are right now! So as we celebrate love today, celebrate by also loving yourself more.

Why I Became a Flight Attendant

Faith, Travel

When I announced that I had become a flight attendant, many people friends and family included were surprised to say the least. Honestly so was I because this was the last thing I thought I’d do. From the moment I tell people that I’m a flight attendant the first thing they say is “I’ve always wanted to do that”. Unlike most people I’ve spoken to, being a flight attendant wasn’t my dream job.

Many years ago a now ex-boyfriend thought I’d make a great flight attendant. Although his reasoning was more superficial and aesthetic than anything else.  In his eyes I looked the part. But I digress. At that time I wasn’t the slightest bit interested and until a year ago I still wasn’t.

2017 was a difficult year as I had several family members pass away tragically and suddenly. To make matters worse I wasn’t in the greatest financial position so when they passed I couldn’t even afford to attend their out of town funerals. I felt awful. However the one good thing to come out of it was I finally stopped procrastinating and enrolled back in school to complete my degree. God had been pressing that on my heart for a year prior. Losing loved ones makes you realize just how short life truly is. As cliché as it sounds we have to live each moment like our last because tomorrow is not promised.

Last year I felt this urge in my spirit to travel so I started looking on Indeed for jobs that involved traveling. Of course Flight Attendant positions popped up but I overlooked them and applied for traveling Event Coordinator and Event Management positions because again being a flight attendant wasn’t my ideal career move. When those didn’t work out I went back online again and saw the same position with the company I now work for. This time I really sat down and thought about it. Is this really for me Lord? Could I really do this? Do I even want to? I waited another 3 months before finally deciding to fix my resume and submit my application.

My application process was seamless and quick glory be to God. Training was one of the hardest things I have ever done. However God had shown me so many signs and opened many doors along the way so much that I knew He was behind me. I can share my hiring process in another blog post for those interested. After applying I quickly learned how competitive this industry is and how people have been applying for years with no success. The Lord really blessed me with this opportunity because it wasn’t something I had ever thought about but it happened and He gave me such peace throughout the entire process.

Even though I never saw myself as a flight attendant I always loved to travel. From the first time I got on a plane by myself as a teenager the idea of going to the airport heading off to a new adventure was just exciting to me. Unfortunately due to various reasons I hadn’t always been able to go on many travel adventures. Still, I’ve always loved exploring new cities, places, and things. I tend to get bored very easily and I like to try new things. I feel that this world is too big for us not to experience all it has to offer. I think sometimes we as people get so caught up in our own little world that we forget that there’s an even bigger world out there that God created.

Now I get to see the world from a different point of view. I can fly anywhere in the world for FREE! My family can also fly for FREE. I can be there for my family without having to worry about the cost to get there. I’m still in awe that I have that privilege.

Some of my favorite experiences of being a flight attendant are sitting in the flight deck during a night flight watching the stars shine brightly in the sky and look so close as if you can touch them. Or an early morning flight and watching the sun rise as it leaves a beautiful pink strip across the sky. Beautiful moments that make small everyday problems seem so minute. I’m constantly meeting new people. Everyone travels for different reasons. I’ve comforted a grieving widow and given encouragement for a young med student on his way to school. I feel so blessed to be able to experience these moments.  

My life is definitely not the same and it was an adjustment in many ways (which I’ll share in future blog posts). Working in the airline industry is not the 9-5 corporate job it’s a lifestyle where everyday is different and there is no boss watching you. Now I wish I’d become a flight attendant sooner. This was an unexpected blessing and I can surely say this is where God wants me to be.

My Top 5 Organic Sheet Masks

Beauty, Skincare

Sheet masks have been trending for a while and I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and give them a try! What I love about sheet masks are that they are easy to apply and virtually no clean up because you throw the mask away after peeling it off. Thankfully there were quite a few nontoxic options out there. Here are a few of the ones I have been using in my skincare routine. If you have oily/combination, acne prone skin then these are for you! No worries for those with dry skin because the brands mentioned also have options for normal/dry skin.

I like to steam my face before applying any facial mask in order for the good ingredients to deeply penetrate my skin. The facial steamer I use can be found here

My Top Five Organic Sheet Masks

Whole Foods 365 Clarifying Papaya Mask

Andalou Naturals Clarifying Hydro Serum Facial Mask

Burt’s Bees Purifying Sheet Mask

Pacifica Beauty Mattify Prep Hyaluronic Facial Mask

Acure Incredibly Clear Facial Mask 

Stay on the path


When I made the decision to go back to school after over a year of praying and thinking, I knew the road would not be easy but it’s something I had to do. For those that don’t know I’m in school to obtain my Master’s degree in Health Education & Nutrition. Being a 30 something year old college student is not easy. To say that it’s challenging is an understatement. That’s when doubt starts creeping in. I admit I have my moments where I question why I’m doing this. Shouldn’t I have done this already?

But when you have a goal and you know that God is with you, nothing can stop you. So here are 5 tips I have for staying on the path and not giving up.


Just start. Procrastination can kill dreams and goals quickly. I’ve found that once I stopped making excuses for why I can’t do something and simply started the work, amazing things can happen you get so much done. Plus you’ll feel so accomplished.

Done is better than perfect. I’m a perfectionist at heart, which means I have a tendency to not do complete things because I feel like it’s not good enough. But the mistakes is all a part of the journey, it helps you grow. So what if it’s not perfect. You’ll get it right the next time and do even better!

You can’t do it all. I used to try and be Wonder Woman and think I can do it all. However I found myself stressed out and tired or not getting things done at all simply because I was too overwhelmed. Set realistic expectations. I’ve turned into a list girl. So I make short To Do lists for myself. Breaking big tasks into small chunks allows me to get more done. Plus I feel so accomplishes versus overwhelmed and disappointed.

Don’t trust in your own strength. Yes I’m going to be the corny Christian girl who quotes Philippians 4:13. But it’s the truth, we can do all things through Christ. When times get really hard and I feel like completely giving up that’s when I lean to God for my strength. Not only does he continue to strengthen me through the journey but also provides encouragement and reminders for why I started. We all have a purpose and that should be our focus and reason for not giving up.

Remember your why. When the task gets frustrating it’s easy to forget why you started in the first place. There’s a reason you chose this path. Write down your why as remembrance to keep you focused. Knowing your reason is knowing your purpose.

Got any tips that you want to share? Drop a note below on any advise you have for staying on the path, getting things done, and not giving up.

Nutrition Classes for Kids!

Health, Lifestyle

A little known fact about me is that I teach nutrition and healthy eating classes to elementary school children in underserved communities of New York City. Many of them don’t have access or prior knowledge of eating a plant based diet. In most cities farmer’s markets and health food stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are only in upper to middle class white neighborhoods. Children and families living in what is deemed as “urban” communities do not have easy access to affordable healthy food choices. So doing cooking demonstrations and teaching healthy lifestyle classes is a passion of mine.

When I made the switch to eating a more plant based diet and taking a closer look at the ingredients in all my personal care products, I thought that the knowledge was so game changing that I desired to share this information with everyone I know. I think it’s important to give back to those who look like you. As a woman of color especially in the African diaspora it’s essential for me to give back and serve my own community.

I see this as a way of doing my part. And to be honest I love working with these children! The looks on pure joy and excitement on their faces when I teach them how to make a smoothie or share how beneficial fruits and veggies are to their growing bodies, is gratifying to my spirit. I encourage everyone to look for ways they can give back and serve their community with your unique gifts and talents.

If you’re interested in partnering with me in healthy lifestyle classes for your school, church, or organization feel free to send me an email to discuss:


Vapour Organic’s New Foundation Shades

Beauty, Make-Up

Yes you read that title correct! Vapour Organic Beauty has released five new shades in their Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation. I’m really excited because they now have a shade that matches me perfectly. I am the shade S155 which is for medium dark skin with yellow undertones. My undertones are more suited for yellow and neutrals. Foundations and concealers with red undertones always make me look like a tomato and people keep asking me why my face looks so red.

I love it when beauty brands understand the importance of undertones. The color itself might be accurate but if the undertones are off it throws everything off. There’s a method behind this makeup madness.

The Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation is designed for normal, sensitive, and combination skin types. My skin is more on the oily/ combination side but can also act sensitive too. Given the texture and ingredients of this foundation I think it’s better suited for dryer skin types or if you need more moisture. The first two ingredients are oils (camellia seed oil & sunflower oil) so this is more of a serum than a cream consistency.

My feeling is that this would be better suited in the colder winter months when my skin tends to get a little dry. However with summer coming this might be too heavy and oily for my skin. They also sent me their Illusionist Concealer in the same shade (055). Even though this has sunflower seed oil as the first ingredient I think this may be a little lighter for summer time use. I like to wear concealers only sometimes for more lightweight makeup look.

My final thoughts are this is a positive step in the right direction. I’m always pleased when brands expand their shade range to include more people especially people of color. Watch the video below to hear my thoughts and see this foundation in action.

Olga’s Organics Brand Review


I’ve had my eye on Olga’s Organics for a while now, ever since a fellow green beauty on Instagram raved about their products. I finally got my hands on their famous loose face powder. A few things you should know about this product/ brand:

  • 1st USDA Organic Certified Powder in the country
  • 98% plant based
  • Less than 2% mineral

One of the things that I love most about this brand is that their ingredient list is super short. Most brands even some doted as green or “natural” have a long list of ingredients. Olga’s Organics ingredients are easy to understand and safe for the skin.

Organic Loose Face powder ingredients: 


Ingredients like bentonite clay and arrowroot powder are amazing for oily skin. I like to use this as a makeup setter especially if I am using a foundation that is on the oily side. This powder is also good to wipe off excess oil throughout the day. And with this I don’t have to worry about it breaking out my skin or causing irritation. A little goes a long way so this will last you a while as well. And because of the minimal ingredients you don’t have to worry about the makeup expiring any time soon.

Their application brushes are made from vegan fibers and natural bamboo material.

I was also sent their lip tint in the shade rose. Like the loose powder the mineral the ingredient list is short. It smells amazing and edible like a peppermint pattie, because of the cocoa butter and peppermint essential oil. The lip tint is also very moisturizing and leaves a light color on the lips. It’s not enough to call this a full on lipstick but there’s enough to not leave you looking like plain jane. I think it’s great for casual or no makeup type of days.


Watch my full review and demo here:


Hynt Beauty Discovery Kit

Beauty, Make-Up

You can achieve an all natural glow with natural makeup. This look was created using Hynt Beauty products. All of Hynt Beauty products are organic based, eco-conscious, and cruelty free.

For this look I used:

Duet Perfecting Concealer in Dark

Lumiere Radiance Boosting Powder 

Aria Lipstick in Pink Belle 


You can also sample the products by purchasing their discovery kit.

Watch the video below to see how I achieved this look and hear my thoughts on the products

My First ShiftCon Experience

Info & Tips, Lifestyle

Last month I had the pleasure of not only attending ShiftCon for the first time but I was also speaking on a panel. This was my first experience at ShiftCon and it was nothing short of amazing! I got to connect with some of the most amazing women in wellness. The vibe and spirit throughout the conference was so uplifting.

ShiftCon Eco-Wellness Conference is an eco-wellness conference focusing on food, wellness, health, sustainability, and growth. Being a “Shifter” means to be a part of an online influencer community that seek healthier and more sustainable lives, promote brands that mirror their values, and help causes that speak to their soul. Their tag line is “Shift happens. Be a part of it”. Love that!

I spoke on my experience as a wellness blogger and provided tips to those who are new in the space. I was the only black woman on the panel and happy to be a voice for women of color on the panel and share some of my unique experience to inspire others on their path.

I was also nominated for ShiftCon Shifters Best Plant Based Beauty award!!!! Never could I have imagined that my blog would be honored in such a great way. The beautiful people at Replenology gifted all the award honorees with this beautiful plaque that I will cherish always. Even though this sounds so cliché, it truly was an honor just to be nominated.

I was also nominated for ShiftCon Shifters Best Plant Based Beauty award!!!! Never could I have imagined that my blog would be honored in such a great way. The beautiful people at Replenology gifted all the award honorees with this beautiful plaque that I will cherish always. Even though this sounds so cliché, it truly was an honor just to be nominated.



One of the most significant moments for me was the essence of female empowerment and diversity. ShiftCon founder Leah Segedie (pictured above in green dress) prides herself on uplifting and encouraging women to walk in the fullness of who we are. All of the speakers and presenters were incredible women who are all making strides in the wellness community in their own right. I felt really blessed to be honored among some of these amazing women in wellness. Leah shared with me how it was very important that the panels and presentations be from women of diverse backgrounds. This really meant a lot to me personally as a black woman in the wellness and clean beauty space because we are often ignored in this community. The main reason why I started this blog was because I saw a lack of representation in this green beauty & wellness industry. Health and eco-consciousness are something that everyone should embrace not just one segmented group. Like me, ShiftCon believes and fights for inclusivity in the wellness industry.


Last but not least The Swag Bags!!!

As a speaker I received two huge bags of wellness and clean beauty goodies. It took me literally an entire day just to go through everything. What I really love is that it wasn’t centered solely on beauty but on total wellness. I want to start featuring more health focused brands on the blog and thankfully I was able to connect with a lot of them at ShiftCon. Here are just a few of the brands:

  • Nutrigold
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Oral Essentials
  • Health Ade Kombucha
  • Earth Mama
  • Ann Marie Skincare
  • Steamychick
  • Clearly Filtered H20
  • Goddess Garden Organics
  • Seasnax
  • Genexa
  • Boron
  • Flora Vitamins

Be on the look out for reviews and features with some of the above mentioned brands!



Podcasts for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit


Listening to a good podcast episode is my thing. Especially living in New York City and having to ride the train. Nothing perks up a long train ride for me than listening to one of my favorite podcasts and zoning out while getting motivated to get my life in gear.

It’s the top of the year when everyone is striving for better and wanting more for their lives. Out of all the podcasts I listen to here are my top 6 podcasts for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Plus these are podcasts that will help you level up and get your life in order. Everyone needs to feel inspired in order to keep going on the journey. So give these a listen and tell me they haven’t changed your life in some way.


Myleik Teele is known as the Oprah for millennials. Now nobody can replace Auntie O but Myleik sure is close with the My Taught you podcast. If you haven’t listened to an episode I highly suggest you go to iTunes and catch up. Myleik gives such insightful wisdom on everything from life, business, love, career advice, living your best life now. She inspires women to on our big girl panties and take control over our lives no matter where you are in your life. Check out the My Taught You podcast 


Patrice Washington is new to podcasting but she’s been sharing her good money and life advice for a while. She’s a finance expert on the Steve Harvey morning show and I fell in love with her wisdom on Periscope. Patrice’s personal story toward greater wealth and health is very inspiring. On her podcast she not only shares her wisdom but she interview other people of influence. Motivating you to chase your purpose not money. Check out Redefining Wealth podcast 


The Biblically Sound Woman hosted by Christian blogger Ayanna Thomas. Now this young woman of God is the truth! Ayanna holds on to biblical truth and doesn’t write and say anything on social media or her blog that doesn’t line up with God’s word. She is gospel driven and scripture focused. Her podcast is nothing short of that and will inspire you to build a closer relationship with Christ for yourself.


I don’t think the Dave Ramsey show needs an intro. I’ve heard of Dave for years but never really bothered to listen to his show or read his books……until now. OMG this man motivated the heck out of me to get my finances in order, stop frivolous spending, and start saving for the future. His famous slogan debt is dumb and cash is king. I could not agree more! If you’re looking for help paying off debt and increasing wealth then check out The Dave Ramsey Show podcast

Nina Warner of Phemomenally Blog and her podcast Share The Health provide great health and wellness inspiration. She interviews other women in the wellness field to help spread the message that health is wealth. Nina and I have been following each other on social media for a while and everything she posts is filled with joy and a passion for health. Even though she’s fairly new at podcasting she has some pretty dope interviews so be sure to check her out!


Are you listening to any amazing podcasts that you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments below!

How to Balance Life as an Introvert



It took me a long time to come to terms with being an introvert. Obviously, I was born an introvert as many are. As a child, I knew I was different because I enjoyed spending time alone, hated small talk, and generally felt drained of energy after spending too much time with people. Like most introverts, I was told that I was shy or needed to come out of my shell. People often confuse being shy with being an introvert. Let me correct this myth by saying the definition of shy is a fear of people. I don’t have a fear of people. Quite the opposite actually. I enjoy long stimulating conversations on subjects I find interesting. But the thought of having small talk with a bunch of people about the weather then I start to cringe. As I got older and started to do research, I realized that this actually wasn’t a problem just a different way of focusing my energy. It was such a freeing experience to know that there was a name for people like me and that I wasn’t weird. I’m a thinker, a creative, an introvert. This is essentially what makes introverts different from extroverts. Extroverts gain their energy from being around people, a lot. Whereas introverts lose energy from being around people too much and gain their strength from spending time alone with their thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to be in complete isolation or feel like I don’t need anyone. I do however know that too much stimulation and interaction will drain my energy leaving me mentally exhausted. Introverts need time to think and process things happening in the world around them. In learning how to balance life as an introvert, I’ve learned how to stop and take time for myself. It’s important to schedule self-care time to ensure your mental, spiritual, and emotional needs are met.


Here are a few tips on how to balance life as an introvert:

  1. Trust your gut. You know when you are feeling overwhelmed or mentally exhausted. Instead of trying to push past it, acknowledge those feelings and do something about it right away
  2. Take time for yourself. As an introvert we need quality self-care and alone time. Take a mini-vacation, spa trip, or a peaceful evening at home. Whatever helps you to relax the most and restores your inner peace, do that.
  3. Learn how to balance your time effectively. I always say that too much time spent on anything is just too much. Don’t overwhelm yourself by putting too many tasks on your plate. Break things down into doable pieces so that you accomplish more and not feel disappointed because you weren’t able to get to everything.


I’m so glad I found the Wallflower Box which is all about embracing, nurturing, and refreshing yourself and your quiet qualities. This is a monthly subscription box created with the introvert in mind. Plus all of the products are natural, organic, and or vegan/ cruelty-free. It’s so in line with what this blog is all about!



Each item is carefully crafted to help you unwind and regain your strength as us introverts need to do on a regular basis. I know when I need some quiet time because my mind will just shut off and it’s almost as if I cannot function anymore. This is how I know that I’ve become overwhelmed and drained mentally. In order to regain my strength, I need some quality alone time to relax and recuperate.  This is how introverts can practice self-care. Watch the video below to see how I relax and unwind with The Wallflower Box.



Here’s what came with this months box:

  • The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney- insightful book written by an introvert for introverts
  • Puur Body Vegan Soy Candle- vegan peach pie soy candle
  • Life Force Essentials Organic Essential Oils- organic and wild harvested essential oil blend of lavender, orange, and spearmint
  • A Rustic Feeling Handmade Coasters- natural handmade stone coasters
  • Amitea Organics Tea- hand-crafted organic black tea peach flavor
  • Skin Candy Company Cupcake Bath Bomb- luxurious skin loving bath bomb
  • Parlo Cosmetics Whipped Body Butter- blackberry and vanilla bean whipped body butter
  • GreenHouse17 Natural Lip Balm- lavender and peppermint lip balm

Get your own Wallflower Box using code: HAPPINESS for 10% off

Cheesy Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipe


I have searched and searched for the perfect vegan mac and cheese recipe with no luck. Every recipe I tried had too many ingredients to make a “mock” cheese and still didn’t taste cheesy. I wanted a vegan mac and cheese that tasted like the dish my mom makes minus the dairy. Giving up dairy was hard especially as a former cheese lover. It took me a while but I think I finally nailed it!

For this recipe, I used So delicious cheeses. I love their shredded cheese because it tastes so much like dairy cheese it’s hard to believe that it has no animal by-products. I recently discovered Follow Your Heart block cheese and I had to read the ingredient label several times because it tastes so delicious and exactly like mozzarella cheese.



1 box of elbow macaroni

2 cups almond milk or non-dairy milk 

1 cup nutritional yeast

1 cup So Delicious shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup So Delicious shredded mozzarella cheese

1 cup So Delicious shredded cheddar jack

1 block Follow Your Heart Mozzarella cheese cut into cubes

2 tablespoons coconut oil

1 tablespoon organic whole wheat flour



1. Boil a pot of water and cook the elbow pasta until it is al dente

2. In a separate bowl combine 1 tablespoon coconut oil with flour

3. Add nutritional yeast and mix until it forms a paste

4. Slowly add in almond milk and stir until it’s a nice consistency.

5. Start adding in cheeses one by one and stirring as you add.

6. Continue to stir until the cheese mix is nice and smooth. Don’t let it boil

7. Take the cooked pasta in a large bowl and add the cheese sauce on top. Stir until everything blends together.

8. Grease a shallow pan with remaining coconut oil and pour the macaroni cheese mix in the pan

9. Add remaining cheese on top to your liking

10. Cook in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until the cheese is bubbling and brown on top.

11. Eat and enjoy!

*****Feel free to add more cheese to this recipe if you like****


Nude Lipstick for Brown Skin | Organic & Non-toxic

Beauty, Make-Up

Who doesn’t love a nice nude lipstick? It’s perfect for everyday wear and gives you a nice natural look. It can be difficult to find a nude lipstick shade that’s brown girl friendly and non-toxic. Most lipsticks contain artificial dyes, colors, and other chemical additives. Here’s a list of my top 5 nude lipsticks for brown skin sans toxins.



100% Pure in Lychee



Pacifica Beauty Tenderness


Luv & Co Beauty Captivated 


Au Naturale On Pointe   

topped with Hynt Beauty Une Femme