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Pacifica Beauty Alight Foundation

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Pacifica Beauty recently launched their Alight Foundation in over 30 shades. It’s nice to see brands taking cues from Fenty Beauty and offer a variety of skin tone options for a diverse range of complexions. I’m just pleased that there are more green and non-toxic makeup options for women of color, especially foundations. 

This foundation is vegan and cruelty free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes and colors, and most other toxicant ingredients. If you’re looking to make the switch the green beauty then you should definitely try this foundation. I tried shade 6 & 7WD in the Pacifica Alight Foundation which can be found here.

Watch the video below to see my full review of this product. 

My Top 5 Organic Sheet Masks

Beauty, Skincare

Sheet masks have been trending for a while and I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and give them a try! What I love about sheet masks are that they are easy to apply and virtually no clean up because you throw the mask away after peeling it off. Thankfully there were quite a few nontoxic options out there. Here are a few of the ones I have been using in my skincare routine. If you have oily/combination, acne prone skin then these are for you! No worries for those with dry skin because the brands mentioned also have options for normal/dry skin.

I like to steam my face before applying any facial mask in order for the good ingredients to deeply penetrate my skin. The facial steamer I use can be found here

My Top Five Organic Sheet Masks

Whole Foods 365 Clarifying Papaya Mask

Andalou Naturals Clarifying Hydro Serum Facial Mask

Burt’s Bees Purifying Sheet Mask

Pacifica Beauty Mattify Prep Hyaluronic Facial Mask

Acure Incredibly Clear Facial Mask 

Vapour Organic’s New Foundation Shades

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Yes you read that title correct! Vapour Organic Beauty has released five new shades in their Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation. I’m really excited because they now have a shade that matches me perfectly. I am the shade S155 which is for medium dark skin with yellow undertones. My undertones are more suited for yellow and neutrals. Foundations and concealers with red undertones always make me look like a tomato and people keep asking me why my face looks so red.

I love it when beauty brands understand the importance of undertones. The color itself might be accurate but if the undertones are off it throws everything off. There’s a method behind this makeup madness.

The Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation is designed for normal, sensitive, and combination skin types. My skin is more on the oily/ combination side but can also act sensitive too. Given the texture and ingredients of this foundation I think it’s better suited for dryer skin types or if you need more moisture. The first two ingredients are oils (camellia seed oil & sunflower oil) so this is more of a serum than a cream consistency.

My feeling is that this would be better suited in the colder winter months when my skin tends to get a little dry. However with summer coming this might be too heavy and oily for my skin. They also sent me their Illusionist Concealer in the same shade (055). Even though this has sunflower seed oil as the first ingredient I think this may be a little lighter for summer time use. I like to wear concealers only sometimes for more lightweight makeup look.

My final thoughts are this is a positive step in the right direction. I’m always pleased when brands expand their shade range to include more people especially people of color. Watch the video below to hear my thoughts and see this foundation in action.

Hynt Beauty Discovery Kit

Beauty, Make-Up

You can achieve an all natural glow with natural makeup. This look was created using Hynt Beauty products. All of Hynt Beauty products are organic based, eco-conscious, and cruelty free.

For this look I used:

Duet Perfecting Concealer in Dark

Lumiere Radiance Boosting Powder 

Aria Lipstick in Pink Belle 


You can also sample the products by purchasing their discovery kit.

Watch the video below to see how I achieved this look and hear my thoughts on the products

Nude Lipstick for Brown Skin | Organic & Non-toxic

Beauty, Make-Up

Who doesn’t love a nice nude lipstick? It’s perfect for everyday wear and gives you a nice natural look. It can be difficult to find a nude lipstick shade that’s brown girl friendly and non-toxic. Most lipsticks contain artificial dyes, colors, and other chemical additives. Here’s a list of my top 5 nude lipsticks for brown skin sans toxins.



100% Pure in Lychee



Pacifica Beauty Tenderness


Luv & Co Beauty Captivated 


Au Naturale On Pointe   

topped with Hynt Beauty Une Femme 




How to Fight Acne with French Green Clay

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Perfect skin is not something I would honestly say I have. But what I can say is that it has gotten better. I have suffered from adult acne and trust me I understand that it is not pretty nor is it fun. It’s definitely a struggle and what works for some may not work for all. Clear skin is a commitment to constantly work on your skin and ultimately find a routine and or products that will produce the best results.

In my last post on Infinity Jars I talked about getting back into DIY beauty products and treatments. In comes french green clay also known as sea clay. This clay contains healing properties such as bentonite, magnesium, calcium, potassium, silica, and selenium. French green clay is green in color like it’s name states; the pigment determines the quality. You want to make sure your clay is green in color and not too gray.

If you’ve never heard of this powerful clay here’s a couple facts:

  • Great clearing blemishes
  • “Drinks” oils, toxic substances, and impurities from your skin
  • Helps to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation for new healthy skin cells
  • Used in acient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to treat skin and digestive problems

There’s really no wrong way to go when making a clay mask. You can mix it with water, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, or any other form of liquid. I used apple cider vinegar because of it’s astringent properties and the ability to tone, heal and treat blemishes. Plus ACV is great for removing dark spots and evening out the skin tone.

French Clay Mask for Acne Recipe

  1. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of french green clay
  2. add enough liquid to form a paste
  3. apply to face with finger or a brush
  4. allow to dry, rinse and cleanse face as normal

As an oily girl I try to use some form of a clay mask at least once or twice a week. You can purchase french green clay at Mountain Rose Herbs or From Nature with Love.

Infinity Jars Review

Beauty, Body, Health, Natural Hair, Skincare

I love DIY beauty and cosmetic formulations using herbs, oils, and butters. I haven’t made my own products in a while but I’ve been itching to get back into it. There was a time when I made my own deep conditioners and body oils. So when Infinity Jars sent these to me for review I thought this would be the perfect time to start again.

Infinity Jars is an ultra violet glass which blocks out visible light and keeps contents fresh with an air tight seal. Plus they are gorgeous! They just motivate the kitchen chemist in me to start concocting beauty treatments. You can also use these to store herbs, spices, and other kitchen items as well.

I decided to get the 100 ml jar for DIY deep conditioners and face masks, 50 ml spray bottle which is great for hair or facial mists, 100 ml pump bottle for gels and oil mixes. I’m so excited to start making us of these jars. Stay tuned for some DIY beauty mixes coming in the next few weeks.

Best Natural Foundation for Women of Color

Beauty, Make-Up

Finding the perfect shade match can be a challenge especially if you are a woman with a darker skin tone. The beauty industry as a whole doesn’t always oblige to darker hues. Most cosmetic companies barely have any shades to match darker complexions. After going green with my beauty routine I notice that it was even harder to find a natural cosmetic brand that actually carried a foundation shade that suited me. I recently received a request on Instagram for a list of cosmetic brands that are women of color friendly. So here’s a list of green beauty brands that are the best for women of color:


Plain Jane Beauty: Not to sound bias but this brand is hands down one of my favorites when it comes to foundations. Lake Louise founded this company on the premise of creating a natural cosmetics brands that can match any complexion from olive to deep mahogany.


Alima Pure: Specialize in all natural mineral makeup. The color range is like no other. Their website has a great color matching tool and sample kit that includes 10 samples of their satin matte foundation. Their foundations are vegan and gluten free.


Au Naturale Strives to formulate makeup with the most natural ingredients possible. The founder Ashlee wanted to create a line of cosmetics that inspire conscious beauty, positivity, and presence. All of their makeup is natural, organic, clean, gluten free, vegan and cruelty free. You can’t beat that!


BLAC Minerals: Cosmetics brand that produces all natural makeup for women of color. Founded by a black woman, Merced Saint Boyce wanted to create natural makeup that is powered by healthy-skin loving ingredients. Their shade options are amazingly in depth, from light to deep dark. You can also purchase sample sizes.


Law of Nature Cosmetics: Organic makeup that is all natural and gluten free formulated for women of color. They carry creme foundation and mineral powder. 91% organic with no parabens, talc, mineral oil, or animal by products.


Gabriel Cosmetics: Offers organic skincare and vegan & gluten free cosmetics. Created to bring out a woman’s natural existing beauty. The moisturizing liquid foundation shade offers a small variety of various deep skin tones. Their Zuzu Luxe oil-free foundation comes in shades that go from a honey complexion to deep dark.