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My grocery list may change from time to time depending on what is in season, what is on sale or my taste buds! There are a few items that I always make sure I have in my kitchen stock. These are items that I like to call my “staples”; products that I use several times for multi-purposes. Today I’m sharing this with you. Hopefully it will inspire you to create your own must have list or borrow some from mine šŸ™‚


Apple Cider Vinegar- This is a powerful natural astringent and cleanser. I use this to wash my produce when I come home from the grocery store. I just place the fruit or veggies in a bowl filled with water and add a few tablespoons of ACV. I let it soak for 15-20 minutes then rinse. I’ve also used this as a facial toner; it’s great at evening the skin tone and giving you a nice glow. During my detoxes I’ll add a few teaspoons or cap full to a glass of water and drink that first thing in the morning; this helps to clear out my digestive track


Coconut Oil- This staple is like one of those stuck on a deserted island type of things. The many benefits of coconut are incredible it’s such an amazing plant; that’s why I wrote about it here. I use raw unrefined/ extra virgin coconut oil on my hair, skin, teeth, everywhere! It can moisturize like no other oil because of it’s properties it can penetrate the hair shaft and skin layers to soothe and soften. I also use it in place of butter when cooking or baking. Coconut oil is also a wonderful source of healthy fats which we need in our diets. Such a great all purpose oil.


Leafy greens- One can never have enough leafy greens in their diet. I always have some sort of leafy green in my fridge from spinach, kale, dandelions, collards, cabbage, etc. I add them to my smoothies in the morning, use them in salads, steamed veggies. I recommend ingesting leafy greens in at least one meal per day if not more. The chlorophyll in dark leafy greens has so many vitamins and minerals; it’s like a powerhouse of nutrients for your body.


Flax seeds- Good source of micro-nutrientsĀ and omega 3’s, and ALA. I love adding these to smoothies, salads, soups, snacks. Sometimes I grind them up and use them like you would flour. I’ve made baked crusted tilapia with toasted flax seeds, so delicious. Plus I love that nutty flavor.


Coconut Water- A natural source for electrolytes. I like to use this in place of water for drinking in smoothies or by itself. If you work out a lot of even if you drink Gatorade this is a great natural alternative minus the artificial colors and added sugars.


Lentils- A part of the beans and legume family another source of protein. If you are a vegan or vegetarian this is perfect. I still eat chicken and fish but not every day and lentils are my go to for my meatless days. I like to make stews and lentils burgers, which are my absolute favorite. You can pretty much season and flavor it anyway you like and it’s always delicious and super easy to make. Plus lentils cook pretty fast so you can have a hot meal in 30 minutes. Hows that for healthy fast food!


Quinoa- Another one of my favorites and protein source. Quinoa is a super food because the health benefits are endless. I like to make a large pot and use it for a variety of meals through out the week. In morning with a bit of almond milk and frozen fruit, makes a yummy breakfast. For lunch is pairs well with salads. It can also be used as a rice substitute. I like the taste of quinoa so much that I’ve eaten a large bowl of plain quinoa with seasoning.


Oatmeal- I eat this for breakfast with a little fresh fruit. I also like to grind this up and make pancakes with some mashed bananas or almond milk. Ground oatmeal can be used in place of flour; a healthier option than using traditional white flour. For extra fiber you can add some oatmeal to your smoothies.


What are some of your healthy grocery staples? Let me know in the comments down below.



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