How to Fake a Tapered Cut on Natural Hair

Natural Hair

This is a quick and easy style to achieve and the best part is that it can last me at least 5 days without having to restyle. I love the look of a tapered cut but I am wayyy too chicken to actually cut my hair. This hair style gives me the best of both worlds.


JaneCarterWrapandRoll copy

For this style I used Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll foaming lotion. I haven’t used this product in many years. Honestly the last time I tried this line was when I first went natural nearly a decade ago.

FauxTaperedPermRods copy

After washing and conditioning my hair I used perm rods in 4 different sizes ranging from small skinny to large and medium. I started from the back bottom of my head with the small rods first and went larger as I went up to the front of my head. So by the time I got to the front I had the larger ones framing my face.



By using the small rods in the back I’m able to get the short cut look in the back. I hope that makes sense. I let my hair air dry overnight but to speed the process I usually sit under a hooded dryer for 20 minutes and then go to bed. By the time I wake up in the morning my hair is fully dry.



After taking out the rollers I was careful not to separate the curls. Instead I pushed all of my hair up to the front center of my head, pinning sections up with bobby pins as I went along. I left the top and front of my hair out. After I was done pinning I then fluffed my hair and started separating my curls in order to achieve the look I wanted. That’s pretty much it my loves! At night all I do is wrap a scarf around my edges to keep everything in place and then place my huge bonnet to cover the hair left out.


If you need more of a visual aid check out the video below to watch how to fake a tapered cut on natural hair.



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