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So lately I’ve been getting questions about infused water so I thought I’d pop in to give some answers and a little inspiration via pictures of different infusions I’ve made and enjoy drinking.


Infusing water is really easy because you can get creative and use a mixture of your favorite fruits and herbs to make it your own. I love adding ice cubes to make the water infusion super cold and refreshing.


The longer you leave the fruit in the water the more intense the flavor. Of course you can eat the fruit after you finish the water or you can refill and enjoy some more. When making these water infusions I recommend that you use organic produce from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or your local farmers market. Only because I like to keep the skin on certain fruits while infusing so you definitely don’t want any pesticides or contaminates inside your water. Another tip is to use fresh spring water or filtered water. Tap water can sometimes also be contaminated with chlorine among other things.






Hopefully these pictures will inspire you to start making your own infused water creations. If you decide to try this please let me know and feel free to share your own creations.


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