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I’ve had my eye on Olga’s Organics for a while now, ever since a fellow green beauty on Instagram raved about their products. I finally got my hands on their famous loose face powder. A few things you should know about this product/ brand:

  • 1st USDA Organic Certified Powder in the country
  • 98% plant based
  • Less than 2% mineral

One of the things that I love most about this brand is that their ingredient list is super short. Most brands even some doted as green or “natural” have a long list of ingredients. Olga’s Organics ingredients are easy to understand and safe for the skin.

Organic Loose Face powder ingredients: 


Ingredients like bentonite clay and arrowroot powder are amazing for oily skin. I like to use this as a makeup setter especially if I am using a foundation that is on the oily side. This powder is also good to wipe off excess oil throughout the day. And with this I don’t have to worry about it breaking out my skin or causing irritation. A little goes a long way so this will last you a while as well. And because of the minimal ingredients you don’t have to worry about the makeup expiring any time soon.

Their application brushes are made from vegan fibers and natural bamboo material.

I was also sent their lip tint in the shade rose. Like the loose powder the mineral the ingredient list is short. It smells amazing and edible like a peppermint pattie, because of the cocoa butter and peppermint essential oil. The lip tint is also very moisturizing and leaves a light color on the lips. It’s not enough to call this a full on lipstick but there’s enough to not leave you looking like plain jane. I think it’s great for casual or no makeup type of days.


Watch my full review and demo here:


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