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The lovely people at Piperwai scent me their natural deodorant to try. I recently made the switch to using all natural deodorants a couple months ago. I’m still experimenting to find the best choice for me and my lifestyle.


I first learned of Piperwai by watching Shark Tank and the owners and their story immediately intrigued me. Of course I loved the fact that they were an all-natural green beauty brand owned by women. Plus Barbara Corcoran invested in them! Sorry big time Shark Tank fan here 🙂

They were gracious enough to send me a full size 2oz jar of their deodorant. This deodorant is different from all the other natural brands because they use activated charcoal to balance the underarm pH levels. It comes as a paste that you simply scoop out a pea-sized amount with your fingers or a cosmetic spatula. Rub it into your underarm area until clear. I found that it absorbs pretty quickly.

PiperWai 2 copy

The smell is like a refreshing peppermint scent without being too over powerful. I enjoyed the scent but it doesn’t linger on for hours like most traditional deodorants where you can still smell it even after application. Which is a plus in my opinion.

If you’re not used to using a paste as a form of deodorant it may take some time to get used to. A lot of natural brands I found actually come in a paste; many of the DIY homemade deodorant recipes are paste also. I have recently heard that they are trying to come up with a roll on stick formulation hopefully to be released by the end of 2016. I’d like to try this once it’s released.

I do also want to mention that I do not wear deodorant often, as I’m not a person who perspires much. I typically wear this if I’ll be out for longer periods of time or outdoors during hot weather. For those who are more active and or exercise often this will definitely work for you because it’s formulated to prevent the body odor that stems from sweating.

You can purchase Piperwai by clicking here.


Have your tried Piperwai? If so let me know in the comments.


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