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When I made the decision to go back to school after over a year of praying and thinking, I knew the road would not be easy but it’s something I had to do. For those that don’t know I’m in school to obtain my Master’s degree in Health Education & Nutrition. Being a 30 something year old college student is not easy. To say that it’s challenging is an understatement. That’s when doubt starts creeping in. I admit I have my moments where I question why I’m doing this. Shouldn’t I have done this already?

But when you have a goal and you know that God is with you, nothing can stop you. So here are 5 tips I have for staying on the path and not giving up.


Just start. Procrastination can kill dreams and goals quickly. I’ve found that once I stopped making excuses for why I can’t do something and simply started the work, amazing things can happen you get so much done. Plus you’ll feel so accomplished.

Done is better than perfect. I’m a perfectionist at heart, which means I have a tendency to not do complete things because I feel like it’s not good enough. But the mistakes is all a part of the journey, it helps you grow. So what if it’s not perfect. You’ll get it right the next time and do even better!

You can’t do it all. I used to try and be Wonder Woman and think I can do it all. However I found myself stressed out and tired or not getting things done at all simply because I was too overwhelmed. Set realistic expectations. I’ve turned into a list girl. So I make short To Do lists for myself. Breaking big tasks into small chunks allows me to get more done. Plus I feel so accomplishes versus overwhelmed and disappointed.

Don’t trust in your own strength. Yes I’m going to be the corny Christian girl who quotes Philippians 4:13. But it’s the truth, we can do all things through Christ. When times get really hard and I feel like completely giving up that’s when I lean to God for my strength. Not only does he continue to strengthen me through the journey but also provides encouragement and reminders for why I started. We all have a purpose and that should be our focus and reason for not giving up.

Remember your why. When the task gets frustrating it’s easy to forget why you started in the first place. There’s a reason you chose this path. Write down your why as remembrance to keep you focused. Knowing your reason is knowing your purpose.

Got any tips that you want to share? Drop a note below on any advise you have for staying on the path, getting things done, and not giving up.

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