Vapour Organic’s New Foundation Shades

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Yes you read that title correct! Vapour Organic Beauty has released five new shades in their Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation. I’m really excited because they now have a shade that matches me perfectly. I am the shade S155 which is for medium dark skin with yellow undertones. My undertones are more suited for yellow and neutrals. Foundations and concealers with red undertones always make me look like a tomato and people keep asking me why my face looks so red.

I love it when beauty brands understand the importance of undertones. The color itself might be accurate but if the undertones are off it throws everything off. There’s a method behind this makeup madness.

The Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation is designed for normal, sensitive, and combination skin types. My skin is more on the oily/ combination side but can also act sensitive too. Given the texture and ingredients of this foundation I think it’s better suited for dryer skin types or if you need more moisture. The first two ingredients are oils (camellia seed oil & sunflower oil) so this is more of a serum than a cream consistency.

My feeling is that this would be better suited in the colder winter months when my skin tends to get a little dry. However with summer coming this might be too heavy and oily for my skin. They also sent me their Illusionist Concealer in the same shade (055). Even though this has sunflower seed oil as the first ingredient I think this may be a little lighter for summer time use. I like to wear concealers only sometimes for more lightweight makeup look.

My final thoughts are this is a positive step in the right direction. I’m always pleased when brands expand their shade range to include more people especially people of color. Watch the video below to hear my thoughts and see this foundation in action.

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