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Traveling while vegan may seem like a challenge but it’s not as hard as one might think. Before traveling anywhere I always search the city for vegan or vegan friendly restaurants. More people are changing their lifestyle and eating habits to suit a plant based lifestyle. 

When I traveled to Tokyo fortunately there were a variety of plant based and or vegan friendly restaurants. Many specialized in fresh, local, and organic ingredients which is a huge plus for me. Tokyo offered more than just traditional Japanese dishes. Of course I had sushi and most places we visited had veggie sushi such as avocado rolls!


Here’s a list of vegan friendly restaurants in Tokyo that I personally recommend: 

The first on my list was one of my faves. Mr. Farmers while not an exclusively vegan restaurant prides themselves on offering healthy environmentally friendly foods. All ingredients used to make their dishes are grown from local farms throughout Japan. This is a great spot if you are traveling with a variety of eaters. They have a vegan and gluten free menu plus many of the non-vegan options can be customized. I had the Mexican style salad with pumpkin soup on the side. Another bonus was the array of infused waters. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know how much I love drinking infused water.  I would definitely visit this place again. 



Hemp Cafe is a creativity spin on healthy plant based foods. Unfortunately I didn’t get to experience much of this restaurant as I found it on my last night in Tokyo but it’s still worth the mention. Like the name says, the food in Hemp Cafe is all based on the hemp seed. They serve Mexican style dishes all infused with hemp seed. Even the cheeses are hemp seed based. Hemp Cafe is 100% plant based meaning none of their offerings contain any meet products. My friend isn’t even a vegan but she was open to visiting this restaurant. 


Green Brothers is actually an American born restaurant that made it’s way to Japan. It’s menu is primarily salads all based on using fresh produce. Like the name suggests Green Brothers wants to make sure you’re getting in enough greens. They also offer cold pressed juices and smoothies for an extra healthy boost. This is a great lunch option or snack of you just want a healthy smoothie mid-day. 

We are the Farm is another vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurant based on the premise of proving fresh locally grown produce in their menu. While not 100% plant based many of their meal choices could be made vegan or vegetarian. I thought this was a great place for meat and plant eaters a like. I got a late night green juice “cocktail” served in a beautiful glass. This green juice was like a detox with fresh greens and ginger. I also has grilled fresh veggies like squash. All very delicious. 

I thought I’d end this mini vegan in Tokyo guide with a nice dessert option. Kippy’s Coco-Cream is a California created ice cream shop that makes home-made ice cream from coconut milk. They aren’t 100% vegan because they use honey to sweeten their desserts. I’m a “vegan” who eats honey so this wasn’t an issue for me. If you don’t eat honey this may not be the dessert spot for you. I was in the mood for something sweet so I was happy to have found this place. It was a cute little shop that offered coconut cream ice cream in various flavors on one side of the restaurant. The other side offered cold press juices. So ideally there was potentially something for mostly everyone. I had the cookie dough ice cream drizzled with hot vegan fudge and crushed walnuts sprinkled on top. It was so delicious. 


Have you ever been to Tokyo and know of any vegan friendly restaurants. Leave them in the comments below. I hope this guide is helpful for any plant based eaters traveling to Tokyo. 

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